Quality policy & certification

We work on the basis of defined standards and specifications. To create solutions that are anything than just standard.

We are part of a strong company group that operates across different branches throughout Europe as an integrated system and product supplier for mechatronic and electronic connections, making the corresponding products, sub-systems or components, and selling and supplying tools, machines and materials for the corresponding production processes. We gladly accompany our customers already in the early project phase (PROJECT) and help to make connections in the many different task areas (CONNECT) or to protect the corresponding components (PROTECT).en herzustellen (CONNECT) oder die entsprechenden Komponenten zu schützen (PROTECT).

We are unique in the branch with our specialty focus on the design and production of connections and also on the protection of electronic components. Together with our individual products, materials and components, increasingly we also supply integrated comprehensive solutions and take a share in being responsible for the whole thing. Accordingly, we continue to advance our comprehensive technical know-how in development and production together with the efficiency of our production processes as well as the necessary communication skills for our customer relationships.

First and foremost, our company group is dependent on our customers. Therefore we want to understand the present and future requirements of our customers and of the market place and to fulfil the resulting demands.

Our fundamental values of reliability, sustainability and innovation and our quality management principle of "generating benefit for our customers"

will therefore be deployed along these lines so that as far as possible, we can even exceed the expectations of our customers. Both sales growth and also the corresponding capacity development can and should arise from the continuous, constant development of the current positioning in the company group.

Today's structure (company organisation and workflow processes) has to be reviewed in order to implement any necessary changes in terms of efficiency and scalability in the direction of future developments. Given the crucial role played by eye-level technical consultations with our customers, particular attention must be paid to the development and integration of future technologies and processes which should be anchored as a central point in the organisation. The service structures have to be reviewed, further intensifying the sales of support services. One side effect of this consists in closer ties to and communication with our customers for early recognition of corresponding needs and demand.

Trust is good. Certification is better.

We don't just claim to offer quality. We've even got official confirmation: WERNER WIRTH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 (Download). This is important for our partners. It is our guarantee that we comply with the essential requirements of our branch. It's also important for us. The basis of stipulated standards and specifications on which we have built our company lets us develop solutions that are anything than just standard.

Our fundamental values: reliability, sustainability and innovation. Our quality management principle: we generate benefit for our customers