Plasma technology processing machines and atmospheric plasma

When it comes to plasma technology and corresponding processing machines, WERNER WIRTH offers you the ideal technology for permanently connecting even extremely demanding components. 

Whether ultra-fine cleaning, re-coating or also surface pre-treatment: surfaces need to be treated in a great many situations. And there’s one (yes, one!) perfect solution nearly every time: atmospheric plasma.

Pre-treatment, ultra-fine cleaning or re-coating with atmospheric plasma technology

With plasma technology, WERNER WIRTH offers you a huge range of applications, even when other technologies reach their limits, for example when treating extremely sensitive materials. Another crucial advantage: the plasma process with its low running costs is extremely economical. Above all because it holds what is is supposed to hold.


Compact high level atmospheric pressure plasma source for ultra-fine surface cleaning and activation.

PlasmaPen PP 1011

Compact low level atmospheric pressure plasma source for treating very sensitive surfaces.

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