Processing Machinery Hotmelt Moulding

For insertmoulding and casting

Open solutions for coating and potting your electronic components: the hotmelt moulding machines by WERNER WIRTH are based on a modular design for simple alterations, additions or extensions as and when the need arises.
As a one-stop shop for connection technology and component protection from a single source, it goes without saying that we also offer melting systems and hotmelt tools. Just talk to us about it!

Melting systems and hotmelt tools

Here you can access the melting systems and hotmelt tools by WERNER WIRTH GmbH, your one-stop shop for every electronics task. PROJECT. CONNECT. PROTECT.

Our modular processing machines

Every kind of component protection needs the right production machine: we'll find your ideal solution.

WERNER WIRTH came to terms early on with the fact that the electronics industry is fast-moving, and has designed its processing systems accordingly. The modular structure of our platforms permits updates and upgrades at any time. It is possible for example to change from partial to full potting, to integrate new cavities or quickly relocate cable conduits.

Our range extends from handguns for small batches through to complex injection moulding machines for inlay parts, resulting in the individually ideal solution for every customer requirement. And our advice also comes pretty fast.

Hotmelt moulding platforms at a glance

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 2200

Brand new entry-level model in the hotmelt processing

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 2300

Fully modular processing machine for practically any application

Hotmelt moulding station TM 2500

Processing machine for small series

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 2500 Twin

Double productivity - one operator

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 2500-5

Highly flexible processing machine with semi-automatic mould closure

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 4500

Classical hotmelt processing machine with automatic sliding table

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 6500

Hotmelt processing engine for high volume operation

Hotmelt moulding platform TM 6800

Hotmelt moulding for highest demands and performance

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