Valve technology at WERNER WIRTH:

film coat, jet, dispensing and spray valves

WERNER WIRTH offers the very best valve technology for every application: conformal coating, dispensing, bonding and potting. 

Whether film coat, jet, dispensing or spray valves, we have all you need for perfectly dosed, reliable component protection in highly sensitive electronic applications subject to extreme conditions.

Musashi valves for the all rounder Alpha 6 by WERNER WIRTH

Our all-rounder Alpha 6 innovative compact processing platform for a wide range of coating and dispensing applications is fitted with valves made by Musashi: film coat valves for high speed coating, contact-free high precision jet valves or also spray valves for universal applications. This warrants the high coating quality and reproducibility of our allrounder while being extremely easy to use and absolutely robust.

film coat, jet, dispensing and spray valves

Here we present the assortment of film coat, jet, dispensing and spray valves by WERNER WIRTH GmbH. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Film coat valves

Film coat valves for uniform coating including accurate working edges without splashing:

  • Film coating through product design with low flow rate.
  • Broad film coating with special nozzle.
  • Numeric management available with integrated micrometer.
  • Electropneumatic valve technology for fast, precise opening and closing.
  • Perfect flow control without drops of liquid.
  • Speed control to adjust the spray shape at the start and end point.
  • Fitted with air cleaning connection.

Dispensing valves

Ideal for dispensing micro volumes or materials containing UV or fillers.

  • Excellent liquid control.
  • Membrane structure reduces bubble inclusion and prevents liquid filtration in the gliding zone.
  • Ideal for automatic machines: rectangular shape, compact size, very lightweight.
  • Models available with large flow rate up to three-fold.

Jet valves

Jet valves for high speed dosing of medium- to high-viscosity materials with extremely high reproducibility:

  • Valve temperature control and interchangeable dosing chambers and needles.
  • Ideal for dosing fluxing agent, SMT adhesive, underfill, coating, sealant adhesives, Heat conductive paste, conductive adhesive, silver paste, soldering paste, grease, oil, lubricants, seals, adhesives and curing agents.
  • Including mixing devices for dosing emulsions.

Spray valves

Spray valves for universal spray coating of thin foils that can be applied to workpieces in all shapes:

  • Exclusive nozzle for uniform film thickness.
  • Low-pressure atomisation to prevent splashing.
  • Supports several heads.
  • Complete system installation

Any questions? We are at your service!