Dispensing system HD 2001

The HD 2001 dosing system with its accurate controller is precise and efficient. Identical dosing quantities at repeating intervals is assured by an automatic microdoser, which is controlled by a timer to pneumatically dose liquids.

Product description HD 2001

Liquids such as adhesives, solder and lubricating grease are dosed using a nozzle. The large number of fine needle points means that the materials can be used in a vast range of applications.

The system has an operating pressure range of 0 to 7 bar, making it suitable for producing dots, lines, fillings and fulfil general dosing applications. The models in the HD 2001 series were primarily designed for production conditions in which precision and reproducibility are paramount. The timer and infinitely adjustable retention vacuum avoid dripping between the individual dosing cycles. An integrated power supply unit converts the input voltage from 230 V AC to a working voltage of 24 V DC.

The HD 2001 system is supplied ready to operate. Delivery includes an air hose, a dosing needle set and a cartridge with adaptor and stand. The timer of the CE-certified dosing units can be set to intervals of 0.01 to 90 seconds for outstanding flexibility.

The housing of the HD 2001 series is both modern and space-saving. The unit‘s robustness and small size make it easy to transport and set up in different places. The option of stacking and fixing several devices together permits a maximum in efficiency.

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