Bonding processing machines

Bonding prevents everything from failing just because something has fallen off - no matter which bit is affected. In other words, fastening parts and keeping them in this position, whatever happens. Even for material thicknesses in the nanometre range. WERNER WIRTH also masters these micromechanics, supplies the corresponding processing machines, valve technology and accessories. So an increased output rate won't make your chips crumble.

Bonding processing machines by WERNER WIRTH

Think big, produce small:  the special technology for classic chip production demands almost surgical precision in planning and implementation. This is where component protection starts to merge with connection technology.

Here too, WERNER WIRTH offers ideal solutions without doctoring around for too long, from the manual dispenser HD 2001 to Alpha 6, the innovative and compact processing machine by WERNER WIRTH for a wide range of coating and dispensing applications.


The innovative, compact processing platform for a wide range of coating and dispensing applications.

Dispensing system HD 2001

The HD 2001 dosing system with its accurate controller is precise and efficient. Identical dosing quantities at repeating intervals is assured by an automatic microdoser, which is controlled by a timer to pneumatically dose liquids.

Valve technology and valve accessories by WERNER WIRTH

WERNER WIRTH offers precision technology on the very highest standard, also and particularly when it comes to valve technology and valve accessories. You too can benefit from our top-quality range.

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