Component protection by WERNER WIRTH

Bonding prevents everything from failing just because something has fallen off - no matter which bit is affected. In other words, fastening parts and keeping them in this position, whatever happens. Even for material thicknesses in the nanometre range. We at WERNER WIRTH like making things inseparable, including business relationships.

Bonding is a mixture of component protection and connection technology. How practical that we are the only specialist in the electronics industry to offer both  – from a single source.

Bonding: for permanent connections to and on printed circuit boards

We get the chemistry right. You can rely on the very best consulting expertise when it comes to permanent connections to or on printed circuit boards. We offer decades of experience as to how liquid the adhesive must or may be, whether it should be conductive or insulating and whether it should be applied to the part as underfill or glop top - or whether you should even be able to see through it (optical bonding.


Our bonding range


Polyurethane is known for its universal suitability. It is flexible, adheres well to many substrates and stands out with good to very good resistance to many substances. You can use one- or two-component polyurethane, depending on the circumstances. Modified polyurethane can be cured with UV light.


Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin covers the range of temperatures up to 200°C. It is very hard and has a very low expansion coefficient. Which is ideal for bonding metal. It can be used as one- and two-component resin. Epoxy resin is flame resistant, offers good thermal conductivity and is resistant. Special epoxy resin can be cured with UV light.



Silicone is ideal for flexible use at low temperatures (-50°C) and also up to 200°C. It therefore offers the widest temperature range for its use. Silicone is usually quite soft (max. Shore A 60) and is available as coloured or colourless material, depending on requirements. Its adhesion properties can be improved by thermal treatment.


Cyanoacrylate - fast-acting adhesive

Cyanoacrylate is a polymerising substance with outstanding adhesion to many different materials and surfaces. This fast-acting adhesive can truly be called super glue! But that by no means exhausts its many positive attributes for sustainable component protection.


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