Polymers by, from and with WERNER WIRTH

Conformal coating, thermoplastics, cast resin, adhesives – we have the right materials and are familiar with their characteristics, how to process them and the right way to use polymer materials in each particular case.

Firmly secure PCB protection, coated components or completely sealed parts with protection from the sun, from acids and also visual protection: we are simply in our element when it comes to choosing the right material.

You too can benefit from our comprehensive experience with plastics, adhesives, coating and potting materials for electronic innovations that last a lifetime.

Conformal coating, thermoplastics, cast resin, adhesives: WERNER WIRTH knows which substances and materials when, how, where and why

The choice of optimum substances and materials plays an elementary role in functioning connections and permanent component protection in production and operation. Regardless whether conformal coating, hotmelt moulding thermoplastics, potting cast resin or bonding adhesives, here at WERNER WIRTH we know what has the desired effect when, how, where and why, and we also know what has to be used when, how, where and why.

Conformal coating

Depending on the specific requirements, we offer just the material, the ready coated product or the right machinery, from manual system through to bulk production module.


Hotmelt moulding

Hotmelt moulding manages with relatively low temperatures and far lower pressures than plastic injection moulding so that the parts cure quickly, producing top results at cost-efficient conditions.



Potting is recommended for adverse environmental conditions, e,g, for offshore components. We have the expertise, the experience and tried-and-tested cast resins for optimum potting of complete modules.



Adhesives (bonding) prevent everything from failing just because something has fallen off. With this technology, the borders between connection technology and component protection start to merge. It's a good thing we're perfect at both.


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