We protect electronic components even under the most extreme conditions.

Permanent component protection

WERNER WIRTH connects electronic components and gives them durable protection. Regardless which external influences the sensitive electronic components need protection from inside a module, WERNER WIRTH has or finds the right solution, even for electronic components subject to extreme loads under adverse conditions. Our component protection not only fulfils the traditional protection functions e.g. from moisture, acid, light, temperature etc. but also acts as a structural element or housing.

WERNER WIRTH knows all about all standard component protection methods and supplies both processing materials and the corresponding machine technology: from conformal coating, potting and bonding to hotmelt moulding.

Decades of experience with layers:
from thin coatings to protection integrated directly in the part

Finding materials that are immune to extreme external influences while not harming the delicate electronic elements: this is one of WERNER WIRTH absolute strengths. We have decades of processing experience and offer know-how, materials and machines from a single source. Whether thin coatings or protection integrated directly in the part, if needs must we'll add another layer.


Regardless whether we're talking about  coatings, resins, adhesives or thermoplastics, WERNER WIRTH offers customers the right material for every required component protection application. And our Working Lab finds specific solutions are found in our Working Lab when the need arises.


Processing machines and technologies

WERNER WIRTH masters and offers all appropriate processing machines and technologies for permanent component protection of your electronics solution: hotmelt moulding, conformal coating, dispensing, bonding , potting and plasma technology.


PROTECT services

We have the know-how, the materials and the machines, e.g. for exactly the right component protection with PCB conformal coating in industrial electronics or top quality part potting for maximum protection under even the most extreme conditions.


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