Technological expertise by WERNER WIRTH

It takes a wealth of technological expertise to ensure that small and fine projects as well as large and complex ones in the fields of connection technology and component protection are precisely implemented or optimised to your specific requests. The electronics branch is developing faster than any other. Everything is getting smaller, more efficient and more urgent. It's good to have WERNER WIRTH at your side as your central partner with a close eye kept constantly on this complex market and its development, while at the same time using its decades of experience and state-of-the-art Working Lab to drive developments forwards. We have a holistic mind set and take a modular approach right down to the last detail. We can make nearly everything, including first and foremost making contact to the necessary specialists for your specific project requirements in our own company.

The complete technology toolkit

Whether crimping technology, die forming, control systems, machine and tool construction, injection/hotmelt moulding, conformal coating and dispensing, mixing and metering, soft soldering, resistance welding or high-frequency compaction, we know how to do it! We offer these technologies not just in our expertise toolkit but also in our range for innovative connection technology and lasting component protection.

PROJECT: We offer manufacturing expertise as well as technology

As your central project partner, we offer production solutions for individual components, modules and complete devices.

Any questions? We are at your service!