New Born2Bond super adhesive in the range

With Born2Bond™ a  new product line of innovative cnstruction adhesives is added to the WERNER WIRTH product range.

Born2Bond instant adhesives from Bostik overcome the application and performance barriers of previous instant adhesives with outstanding properties. The super-adhesive cures particularly quickly and bonds to a wide variety of materials and surfaces. Two further highlights of the structural adhesives are new, low-odour formulations that ensure a pleasant production environment and low efflorescence solutions, which are an important feature for manufacturers of top-class products.

The cyanoacrylate-based instant adhesive Born2Bond™ is available in one- and two-component versions, as dualcure (contact and UV light) as well as supplementary curing boosters and adhesion primers. The range offers different viscosities, container sizes and formats. From the 20g bottle for manual dispensing to the 500g container for use with automatic dispensers and machines to the practical gel form in aluminium tubes for high-precision manual application.


Further information about the new Born2Bond instant and super adhesive can be found here.





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