WERNER WIRTH quality policy and DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

WERNER WIRTH GmbH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and offers top quality services and solutions for connection technology and component protection. Our principle consists in creating genuine added value and benefit for our customers. 

We generate genuine benefit for our customers

WERNER WIRTH is active and in demand as an integrated system and product supplier across different sectors of industry and throughout Europe . Our customers appreciate the quality of our products and services, including: connection technology for the mechatronic and electronic sectors, manufacture and sales of corresponding products, sub-systems and components together with development and supply of needs-based special tools and exactly the right machines and materials for production processes and more besides.

We offer solutions that are anything but standard

We work on the basis of defined standards and specifications. To create solutions that are anything but off the shelf. We work with our customers right from the very early project phase, helping to make connections in the many different applications and to give the corresponding components sustainable protection. PROJECT | CONNECT | PROTECT.

We are unique in the electronics branch with our speciality focus on the design and production of connections and also on the protection of electronic components. Besides individual products, materials and components, we also supply integrated comprehensive solutions and take a share in being responsible for the whole thing. You too can use WERNER WIRTH GmbH's Working Lab and one-stop-shop platform for sustainable, efficient optimisation of your production processes.

Working Lab and one-stop-shop platform for your projects

WERNER WIRTH's quality policy pursues the principle of generating genuine benefit for our customers Our attention is therefore focused on you, your project and your requirements. It is our aspiration to exceed your expectations. To this end, we keep an eye constantly on the current and future demands of the respective markets, understanding them and developing exactly the right solutions in our Working Lab for your projects and systems in order to fulfil all resulting requirements. Quality management on your behalf. PROJECT. CONNECT. PROTECT.

Our fundamental values
Reliability. Sustainability. Innovation

Our fundamental values reliability, sustainability and innovation aren't empty phrases. We fill them with life each and every day. Accordingly, we are not satisfied with the status quo and our pioneering USPs. Instead, we are constantly extending and optimising our comprehensive technical know-how in development and manufacturing, product quality, internal organisation and process management, service structures and communication with customers and contact partners.

Trust is good. Quality and certification are better.

We don't claim anything that isn't true and we don't promise anything we can't keep. WERNER WIRTH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001/14001 (Download). The quality of our products and services has been tested, confirmed and officially certified by a neutral party. The wording of the original certificate is as follows:

"ZDH-ZERT GmbH certifies that WERNER WIRTH GmbH, Hellgrundweg 111, 22525 Hamburg, has introduced and implemented a quality management system with regard to its activities in the development, production and sales of electrical and electronic standard goods, customised products and materials for use in electronic production including the corresponding services, in accordance with the following standard: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. An audit provided the corresponding verification."

This is important for our customers and partners. It means we can give them the guarantee that we comply with the essential requirements of our branch. It's also important for us. It is because we have built our portfolio on the basis of stipulated standards and specifications that we can develop solutions that are anything than just standard.

Get in contact with us and you too can benefit from our fundamental values of reliability, sustainability and innovation, together with WERNER WIRTH's USPs in the connection technology and component protection application and production segments of the electronics industry:

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