Our vita – WERNER WIRTH GmbH milestones

The vita, development and history of WERNER WIRTH GmbH from the beginnings in 1962 to today's expert for innovative connection technology and permanent component protection, as mission and obligation for the present and future.

We are the holistic specialist for functional, sustainably protected contacts in the electronic industry. PROJECT | CONNECT | PROTECT.

From the beginnings to today:

We are the only specialist and one-stop shop in the electronics industry for connection technology and component protection to offer decades of experience with materials, machines, special tools and electronics applications in every magnitude. Here are some of the milestones in our vita:

1962: WERNER WIRTH began as an industrial agency

The early beginnings for the specialist for connection technology and component protection go back to a plain back yard in Hamburg-Stellingen, rather than a garage. This is where WERNER WIRTH KG started business as an industrial agency in 1962, with a main focus on brokering deals for manufacturers in the metalware industry.

1976: The electronic industry developed and grew, and WERNER WIRTH grew with it.

The electronic industry went through rapid development. WERNER WIRTH grew with it, with emphasis now shifting to manufacturers of electromechanical components.

1980: STOCKO extends WERNER WIRTH's range

Connections that last: cooperation with the long-standing company STOCKO still continues today, adding solderless and electromechanical components to WERNER WIRTH's  range of products.

1984: WERNER WIRTH starts manufacturing connection technology

After a minor relocation and warehouse extension, WERNER WIRTH became a manufacturer for connection technology, supplying the first customised connection elements.

1994: WECO and WERNER WIRTH – partners with a lot in common

Partners with a lot in common: since 1994 we have shared not only our initial letter with WECO but also above all, our quality standards for screw and spring terminal technology.

1996: WERNER WIRTH extends the range with hotmelt moulding and more

WERNER WIRTH extends the range of services and supplies by adding hotmelt moulding to its own mould and toolmaking activities.

1999: WERNER WIRTH becomes exclusive partner for THERMELT®

WERNER WIRTH becomes exclusive partner for the sales of THERMELT®, the component protection material by BOSTIK.

2000: Nokia first customer for machine construction

Moving up to machine construction, WERNER WIRTH presents its first proprietary machine concepts. First customer for this business unit: Nokia.

2006: Founding of WERNER WIRTH Systems GmbH

WERNER WIRTH Systems GmbH founded as the corporate roof for machine construction, automation and tool production. Today the system provider offers a broad range of solutions, from specially made tools in small quantities via individually configured machines through to complete production lines.

2007: Coating and potting joint the component protection portfolio

New service: coating and potting round off the portfolio covering all aspects of component protection. All processes are now available.

2008: WERNER WIRTH becomes exclusive partner for PVA Maschinentechnik and also takes on the role of German representative for the US company ZIERICK

WERNER WIRTH becomes exclusive partner in Germany and Switzerland for sales and service for PVA Maschinentechnik, thus consistently implementing the philosophy of being an all-round solution provider for equipment, tools and materials also in the coating/potting segment.
Our American friends: in 2008, WERNER WIRTH also became the German representative for the long-standing US company ZIERICK, whose corporate philosophy is very similar to our own, offering an appropriate, consistent extension to our range of crimping and die-forming parts.

2009: New site for the whole WERNER WIRTH Group

Relocation to Hellgrundweg 111 in 22525 Hamburg, now concentrating all group activities on one site.  Advantage: greatest possible synergy effects with cross-group teams.

2013: Relaunch and repositioning of the brand with the new WERNER WIRTH claim: PROJECT | CONNECT | PROTECT.

Relaunch and repositioning of WERNER WIRTH GmbH as holistic, proactive thinking partner and specialist for all aspects of component protection and connection technology under the new brand claim:  PROJECT | CONNECT | PROTECT.

2016: Acquisition of toolmaking and injection moulding production

Takeover of the business operations of Ludwig Werkzeugbau GmbH , specialists for jig- and toolmaking.

2017: Development of own coating and dispensing machine ALPHA 6

WERNER WIRTH launches ALPHA 6, a new, innovative and compact processing platform for a wide range of coating and dispensing applications.

2019: Working Lab as solution platform

Inauguration of the Working Lab at the Hamburg site. The innovation laboratory offers comprehensive application analysis and measurement systems together with a chemical laboratory. The Working Lab develops solutions for and also with customers to meet their individual specific needs.


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