WERNER WIRTH's market expertise

Electronic systems are omnipresent. So is WERNER WIRTH . As holistic specialist for connection technology and component protection, we offer comprehensive branch know-how on land, in water and in the air.

From the car industry through to setting the points for rail traffic

Here we would like to give you a little insight into the market expertise, industries and areas where WERNER WIRTH is a coveted expert in word and deed for functioning connections and permanently protected contacts and components: automotive/electromobility, renewable energies, industrial systems and production lines, communication and entertainment, aviation, medical technology, toolmaking and machine construction as well as rail traffic.

Aviation: No technical requirements are too high for WERNER WIRTH

We offer down-to-earth advice and service even for customers who are aiming high. For example, when they make or repair aircraft. The extreme requirements made in this sector, all the double safeguards and triple maintenance plans, are no more than a clear briefing for the WERNER WIRTH team And certainly nothing to flap about. We already have or we can develop the solution for every problem!

Medical technology: True expertise is in the machinery

Our proven reliability plays an elementary role particularly in medical technology. After all, in an emergency lives can be at stake But it is also important to keep an eye on the costs which the general public has to pay in the end.  Conscientious consideration and selection of the right materials that are robust enough to withstand radiation, voltage surges and high utilisation levels - all that demands that we too pursue intensive research and development which would be worthy of a doctorate. But we're not bothered about titles at WERNER WIRTH. It's the results that count.

Industrial systems and production lines by and with WERNER WIRTH

Every job is different. Even so, we're quite used to working on an assembly line. Whether putting switchboards into industrial systems, channelling the flow of information or synchronising workflows and processes, here at WERNER WIRTH we know how to do it: PROJECT | CONNECT | PROTECT. And still stay within the budget and on schedule, which is what turns systems and production lines into a crucial success factor and competitive advantage for our customers.

Connection technology and component protection for renewable energies

WERNER WIRTH GmbH's services are part of the energy turnaround. Even though we don't make a song and dance about it. On the contrary, our decades of experience with coating technology make an important contribution to solar technology. But we are also willing to take on far larger challenges. Offshore wind turbines for example add a completely new dimension to component protection: connections for submarine cables and permanent protection from seawater, wind and weather demand profound, precise material know-how. WERNER WIRTH provides expert support from initial planning through to smooth operations, without kicking up a fuss.

WERNER WIRTH market expertise: Electromobility

Wherever it's a case of making swift, reliable progress, that's where our experience comes into play. Electronic suspension systems, new headlamp technologies and all kinds of sensors: cable harnesses in modern cars and vehicles are longer than the distances some people run a month. Our core expertise makes a sustainable contribution to the development and production of these systems. Whether matching connections, correct branching or weatherproof component protection, WERNER WIRTH makes sure you are well equipped to meet the challenges of electromobility. And so we say: Happy Motoring!

WERNER WIRTH branch know-how: Powerful, permanent protection for system and machine construction

Strictly speaking, WERNER WIRTH GmbH is a kind of production assistant. On or off: that is the elementary principle of electric circuits and also our central task. If our components and connections don't work, production grinds completely to a standstill. We take this responsibility for system and machine construction very seriously. Functioning contacts, conscientious material selection and sustainable protection from dust, vibrations, fluctuating temperatures, radiation, wind and weather or whatever: these are the guarantees for proven WERNER WIRTH quality: PROJECT | CONNECT | PROTECT.

Electronics for communication and entertainment

The communication and consumer electronics sector is getting increasingly compact and rapidly more efficient. Here again, the range of products and expertise by WERNER WIRTH GmbH is an integral part of this microcosm as well. With plugs that withstand head and impacts. Coatings that protect intellectual property. Or connections that have to hold even if it's got nothing to do with telephone lines. And all of this in all conceivable quantities. Indeed, we help you to get it together even in the smallest space.

Rail traffic WERNER WIRTH as reliable partner for setting the points

Railways aren't something to play around with, at least not when it comes to electronic solutions.  That's obvious for anyone dealing with the huge electrical currents you get in trains. WERNER WIRTH supplies connection technology also in XXL and provides robust component protection so no-one needs to worry about the weather in the long term. It certainly won't be our fault if the train is late. We set the points for unhindered rail traffic.

At the latest when no standard solution is available, that's when WERNER WIRTH comes into play, offering optimum solutions and synergy effects that others had not even thought of.

Any questions? We are at your service!