Processing systems by WERNER WIRTH Cutting, stripping, crimping

Cutting, stripping, crimping: the world turns much too quickly and work results are much too important to use poor tools in these processing techniques. You can always ask WERNER WIRTH about the right equipment, moulds or machines. We've got our tools at the ready, and gladly pass them on to you.

CONNECT: Processing technology: from the special pliers to the customised crimping station

The holistic approach at WERNER WIRTH also includes thinking through to the last step in the process, i.e. installation. Which is why we gladly also provide our customers with the right top quality tool for the specific material - from sensitive special pliers through to customised crimping stations. It is no mere coincidence that we are the experienced one-stop shop for all electronics tasks. PROJECT. CONNECT. PROTECT.

Tools for cutting, stripping and crimping

Here you can find product details and information about our professional tools for cutting, stripping and crimping. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any special requirements. We have what you need or will develop it.

Any questions? We are at your service!