Crimping contacts & die-forming parts
Connection technology by WERNER WIRTH

Whether SMD, THR/THD, crimping or other contacts,  for all electronic systems, WERNER WIRTH GmbH offers connection technology that leaves no questions unanswered. Needless to say that also applies to crimping contacts and die-forming parts.

Some tasks may sound crazy at first. Here at WERNER WIRTH, we respond with a clear head, with a steady hand and with best electrical engineering: quality from the pilot run through to mass production.

CONNECT: Electrical solutions made to measure.
Also for apparently impossible connections.

Squeezing, pressing, cold forming: the vocabulary used in crimping and die-forming technology may sound rather brutal. But in practice it's the precise details that count. In this segment of electrical engineering, we don't talk brass-tacks but offer corrosion-proof production made on high-precision pressing tools working to one tenth of a Newton metre.

In our Working Lab for innovative electronic solutions, the WERNER WIRTH team also thinks round the corner, producing exactly the right individual solution for extremely complex electronic tasks that no one has thought about up to now. For example when no standard components exist. 

We know from our decades of experience that sometimes all it takes is a little tweak to turn a standard part into an exclusively, perfectly fitting special element. WERNER WIRTH: we offer and set standards. This makes us the one-stop shop for functioning contacts and reliable connections in the electronics industry.

Crimping contacts & die-forming parts
from our connection technology assortment

SMD contacts, THR/THD contacts, crimping contacts and other contacts: we've got what you need. And if it doesn't already exist, we'll develop it for you in our Working Lab.

Any questions? We are at your service!