Harness assembly by WERNER WIRTH for you

Scarcely any other service has so many components and techniques as professional harness assembly for electronic applications: soldering, crimping and resistance welding, single wires, connection leads, complete cable harnesses.

But no matter how specific your requirements may be, with WERNER WIRTH you will be on the safe side. We can and will do it for you.

WERNER WIRTH core expertise harness assembly:
all techniques plus individual manufacturing

Harness assembly is one of our core fields of expertise. As well as processing standard crimp contacts, we also have a special department for tooling. And so we will find the ideal processing solutions for even the most exotic formats and make them up precisely to your specifications. Ready for connection and complying with all standards.

Using state-of-the-art hotmelt moulding technology, we are also able to integrate and seal different electronic components in complex cable systems for utmost process reliability.

WERNER WIRTH: one-stop shop for all electronics tasks: PROJECT. CONNECT. PROTECT. Just talk to us about it: We look forward to your specific task!

Other CONNECT services by WERNER WIRTH

Besides harness assembly, we also offer decades of accumulated experience in developing and implementing module assembly and device construction. Just talk to us about it!

Any questions? We are at your service!