CONNECT services

Whether harness assembly and cable systems, module assembly or device construction – WERNER WIRTH knows how to do it and what is needed when, how and why to obtain the optimum results. We have decades of experience in developing and implementing simple, complex and customised electronic solutions, from aviation to rail traffic, from medical technology to consumer electronics, from renewable energies to industrial systems and production lines.

You too can profit from the services of WERNER WIRTH GmbH: PROJECT | CONNECT | PROTECT.

Harness assembly and cable management, module assembly and device construction – WERNER WIRTH does it for you

We connect electronics and provide durable protection. In our Working Lab we develop exactly the right solutions for the specific requirements of our customers and set new standards while doing so. Whether harness assembly and cable management, module assembly or device construction, we have the know-how, the materials, products and machinery all the way through to toolmaking expertise.

Harness assembly and cable management

Scarcely any other service has so many components and techniques: soldering, crimping and resistance welding, single wires, connection leads, complete cable harnesses. But no matter how special your requirements may be, we at WERNER WIRTH know how to do it, and we know much more besides.


Module assembly for our customers

In our production facility, we manufacture complete assemblies from provided components or we make the components ourselves. With extreme precision, ready for connection and with a conclusive function test on request. Benefit from our expertise in module assembly.


Device construction from A to Z

Outsource your production to us so that you can focus on marketing and sales. We produce individual components, assemble individual modules and put everything together to produce complete devices for simple or highly complex products. In bulk or small series.


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