Connection Technology.
To keep current flowing safely.

Connection technology: from the standard to the individual customer solution

WERNER WIRTH is your specialist for connection technology in all segments and markets for electronics and electrical engineering. We offer the full range, from simple standards through to complex, individual customer solutions for detachable, conditionally detachable and undetachable electrical connections.

Whether functioning contacts in a production line, the wiring for an industrial plant as big as a football pitch or the micro-connections in a small mobile device, we work in concert with our customers, advising them and sounding out their needs, making adjustments and modifications to deliver exactly the right solutions just in time. To keep current flowing smoothly and to ensure your product and project system run the way you want them to.

The whole world of good connections

WERNER WIRTH offers all you need for good electronic connections: a comprehensive assortment of connectors and contacts, customised connector systems if standard solutions don't meet the needs, and expert CONNECT services such as harness assembly.

Connectors and contacts

WERNER WIRTH offers connection technology in all dimensions and connection variations for practically every application in electronics and electrical engineering: crimping contacts, die-forming parts, connector systems, screw- and spring terminals, I/O connectors, solderless connectors, cable management and of course also tools and equipment for all processing techniques such as cutting, stripping or crimping.


Customised connector systems and component protection

When an individual approach is needed and off-the-shelf products don't meet the needs, we adapt and modify standards or develop completely new project-specific and customised solutions. Here our customers benefit not only form our decades of experience in connection technology but also from the fact that WERNER WIRTH is also a specialist for permanent component protection.


CONNECT services

When it comes to harness assembly and cable systems, module assembly or device construction, the CONNECT services by WERNER WIRTH put you on the safe side. We have the know-how, the materials and machines – all from a single source. From individual wires via soldering and crimping through to entire harnesses, we not only work to existing standards but also produce according to your precise specifications.


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